Below are links to websites that can provide more information about dysphagia:



The Stroke Association is the only UK charity solely concerned with combating stroke in people of all ages.

The Stroke Helpline provides information on stroke to the general public and is open between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0303 3033 100.




The Dysphagia Resource Centre site caters to dysphagia professionals. It is a huge resource centre covering all areas and the latest news on the condition.

 is the leading health and wellness site in the UK, which provides trusted, evidence-based medical information to patients and medical professionals.

UK Parkinson’s Disease Association provides support for people affected by all aspects of Parkinson’s Disease.


NHS Choices is the UK’s biggest health website, giving you all the information you need to make choices about your health.

The Cats Foundation provides a support network, respite trips and vital equipment so that a sufferers quality of life is as high as possible. Supporting families affected by Tay-Sachs and associated diseases.

Fresenius Kabi are the makers of Thick & Easy™. They are the leaders in infusion therapy and clinical nutrition in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Leiomyosarcoma (LMS) is a rare form of cancer that most commonly affects the uterus but can also affect other areas such as the bladder or gastrointestinal system. It is designated as a “soft tissue sarcoma” and originates in the smooth or involuntary muscle. LMS is considered malignant cancer and is different from leiomyoma which is benign. LMS is considered “treatable” when caught early.

LMS is rare, affecting only 6 in 1 million women but is highly aggressive and likely to metastasize to infect other areas of the body, including the lungs. Unlike other cancers that affect the uterus, LMS does not usually respond to hormonal treatments and chemotherapeutic agents or radiation treatments are sometimes inadequate.